Synergy (or How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying)

Doorway into Summer (Part 1)
"What's a shadow for?"

Cue score by Alan Silvestri***

Quite surprisingly, you finished one adventure to only be confronted with another. How does this always happen? Why should this be your fate? Who, or what, continuously creates diabolical conflicts to challenge your abilities and teamwork? The world may never know.

To make a long story short [too late], you recently emerged from Sonar’s lair in Bedrame and were sent on a quest to rescue Cole, the son of a man of Bedrame. A letter-carrier going by the name of Stampy delivered a letter to Cole’s father. The man sought you out and asked for your aid (since you JUST finished saving his entire town from the death sleep of Sonar).

The letter revealed a need to begin your search in the great city of Shadowfore. To reach it, you would need to cross the great plains of G’Nosh. This sounded like a delicious…I mean dangerous adventure, but you are always ready for your just deserts.

Your five-day journey was far from uneventful. Faced with the decision to cross through a forest or traverse a ravine between two mountains, you took the road less traveled, confronting a dragon. A dragon with a small horde. A dragon with the power of ice. A dragon who died far too quickly. All the same, one of your party members fell when another member accidentally stayed in an evil form. There were no apologies. Oddly enough, legends suggest a voice in the breeze asking for death.

Along the way, Stampy was also killed. Before he died, however, he revealed to you the nature of his acquisition of the missive. His words led you to one of Shadowfore’s most visited taverns, Bubba’s Pubba, but not before you were forced to kill two trolls chasing a human slave across a field a few miles from the city.

By the way, a skill challenge was bypassed because you were able to float over a raging river on Tenser’s Floating Disk.

When you reached Shadowfore, several things happened. After chatting with some of the city folk, you found your way to Bubba’s Pubba. After a few drinks, you saw a man fitting Stampy’s description of the man who initially gave him the letter from Cole. His story was unlike anything you ever heard:
Plotman’s Story*

“Two months ago, I came to Shadowfore under the notion that the city and its inhabitants were plotting against my city to the East, Clint. My father, captain of the guard, sent me to spy on the elite of this city to determine if our suspicions were correct. After a month with no results, I prepared to return home, but a few dragonborn soldiers interrupted my plans. While walking home from this very tavern late one night, I was abducted; first beaten, then shackled and forced out of town by way of a secret passage near the North gate. Through the dense forest a few miles to the North, we went until we came upon a clearing in the woods. At the very center of the clearing stood a black portal. Little did I know the portal’s existence would ultimately become my saving grace. I was forced through the portal and led toward what was to be my new home. I was enslaved –forced to work for a man known as Tannen. Many slaves, including myself, were forced to harvest fields of fruit and vegetables to sustain Tannen’s forces. We worked fifteen-hour days of backbreaking work with little rest. It was while working that I met Cole. Cole befriended me very quickly. When I found out that he, too had been kidnapped from Shadowfore, I sympathized with him, but kept my status as a spy secret, nonetheless. It was two weeks later that I got enough nerve to attempt an escape. I tried to include Cole in my plans, but he had recently hurt himself in the fields and refused to slow me down. He gave me a letter to deliver to his father in the town of Bedrame, and I promised to get it into his hands. I also promised to find a way to return with help. One day I was able to slip free of sight from the slavemaster and find my way back to the portal. I came through, slipped back into Shadowfore, hired a man to carry the letter to Cole’s father and am currently deciding what to do. I have spent the last few weeks trying to discover who is truly behind the raids of my hometown –for if I can, I will be able to unite our cities to save the people of that dark world: the alternate reality. You see, the portal leads to the future. One created by Tannen’s own malevolence. He had, at one point, left this time and space, conquered these lands before Shadowfore’s great rise and currently reigns superior fifty years from now in an alternate reality. Now, he is sending soldiers back here for slaves. As I have figured it, the portal is permanent and always goes to when he is. The timeline he manipulates stands apart from our reality, but exists, nonetheless. He always has the ability to return to his point of origin, which moves slower through time than the alternate world he created. I know this because I came back to this world a day later, after having spent two weeks in that hell. Whatever magic he wields, I have never seen its equal! If you have come to fulfill your promise to Cole’s father, be careful. Do not underestimate the situation. I must soon return to my home. If you fail, I will try my best to succeed."

A group of Dragoborn Gladiators entered the scene and started a fight as they attempted to take Plotman away. After the dust settled, it was revealed that Plotman dissapeared, apparently to return to Clint.

Your group prepared for another adventure….I recall all but one went to bed. The remaining hero drank the night away with the bartender, Bubba.

"She will steal your soul from within."


The small town of Bedrame, located on the border of the known world, beckoned to you. Your status as celebrities of adventure intrigued many, and the people of this settlement saw you as prospective protectors. You received a letter from the mayor of Bedrame…and you went.

Crossing the vast wasteland between the Nentir Vale and the close end of civilization, you arrived in Bedrame to find an empty shell of a town. Very little life disturbed the emptiness of the dirt roads and vacant structures traveling down the center thoroughfare. Being the sensitive creatures that you are, you took the opportunity to slay the seemingly one and only living thing in town: a chicken.

Understanding the town was in some sort of danger when you received first word from the mayor, you took your newly-found and murdered fowl and continued to explore your surroundings. After a little bit of searching, which included attempting to make sense of the shrine of an adventurer who survived a battle by simply turning a table to its side, you found yourselves at the door of a temple of Pelor.

The temple was filled with the dead. The temple was filled with sleeping bodies, completely unresponsive. Some of the corpses were being eaten by scavenging birds that flew away upon your entrance. Yummy!

After looting the body of the man who appeared to be a priest of Pelor (as you do), you found a letter indicating the town was under the influence of a powerful user of magic. Her name was Sonar, and she invaded the dreams of her victims to steal their souls. You also learned you had the ability to break the spell on those who continued to survive; those who slept in a nightmare. You had your objective.

After slaying a party of Sonar’s minions outside the temple, you found the entrance to her lair. Lowering yourselves down a well behind the building, you were overcome with the pungent stench of mildew emanating from the wet dungeon walls. Despite this new development, you took a bite of chicken and moved on.

It was a hard, treacherous delve into Sonar’s Keep. The Berbalang and Satyrs gave you the most trouble, but you prevailed. Sadly, a man going by the name Kilgore Trout was found and died. Before his death, he encouraged you to trudge on; Sonar’s powers were diminishing. You were Bedrame’s only hope.

And trudge you did. The final encounter with Sonar concluded in a world of dreams. Sonar, floating on a platform of stone, was almost immediately transported by you to a position inviting your fighters to beat her mercilessly. If there were an omniscient being attempting to control the evil forces of the world and destroy adventurer’s ambitions, HE would have been very upset by the quick death of his carefully conceived encounter. Nonetheless, you were successful!

You emerged from Sonar’s lair to the celebrating voices of the surviving townspeople. You were offered free room and board, and an invitation to return to share in the town’s renewed prosperity. Oddly enough, however, one of the men of the town nearly accosted [Jesse], throwing a letter of plea upon him. Quite surprisingly, the letter was dated fifty years into the future.


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