• Bubba


    The owner and bartender of Bubba's Pubba in Shadowfore.
  • Cole


    A young man, originally from Bedrame, who went missing into the future. Enslaved by the forces of darkness, he was doomed if no aid came to his rescue.
  • Fred and Ginger

    Fred and Ginger

    Two Shadowfore residents who told you people of the city are missing. The dissapearances were Increasing week by week. They led you to suspect dragonborns..
  • George and Gracie

    George and Gracie

    Two Shadowfore residents who reported to you that there had been several trolls seen in the countryside (a very obscure occurence).
  • Harold and Kumar

    Harold and Kumar

    Two of Shadowfore's most baked residents, these men told you the city soldiers found strange things in Cloo forest.
  • Kilgore Trout

    Kilgore Trout

    A man found imprisoned by Sonar. Before his death, he provided your party with words of encouragement and clues to defeating the tyrant of dreams.
  • Mike Roin

    Mike Roin

    The Shadowfore doctor specializing in urinary tract infections.
  • Plotman


    An escaped slave from he future. Originally, he was a spy from the city of Clint. He was abducted and taken to the alternate reality to work the fields of darkness. He is also the man who sent Cole's letter to his father in Bedrame.
  • Privates Jay and Guildenstern

    Privates Jay and Guildenstern

    Two Shadowfore soldiers who reported strange (and large) tracks on the outskirts of the Cloo Forest. They also informed you of the growing threat from the City of Clint (East of the woods of Pecker).
  • Sonar


    She harvested the minds of the people of Bedrame. Her weakened powers left an opportunity for her defeat.
  • Stampy


    A letter carrier hired by a shadowy figure in the city of Shadowfore. Sadly, Stampy died while journeying with your party to Shadowfore.
  • Tannen


    A wizard overcome by power. Ultimately a lich, he created an alternate reality in which he ruled the territories surrounding the Shadowfore Prime.